Press Release: Autotec Solutions Introduces Random Case Palletizer for On-The-Fly Palletizing

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– Innovative technology set to redefine palletizing and streamline fulfillment processes for manufacturers, warehousers, and distributors –

TOLEDO, Ohio, April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Autotec Solutions, a leading provider of innovative automation solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its latest development, the Autotec Random Case Palletizer (Autotec RCP). In a strategic collaboration with Liberty Robotics, a pioneer in vision-guided robotics, Autotec Solutions has integrated its highly advanced vision system into the RCP, a game-changing logistics and supply chain tool.

The Random Case Palletizer streamlines the complex process of palletizing mixed-size cases on the fly. Its sophisticated algorithms and vision systems enable it to stack cases of varying sizes and shapes without manual pre-sorting or sequencing, enhancing efficiency and space utilization within warehouses and distribution centers.

“This isn’t just about the evolution of palletizing, but a significant transformation in the logistics industry,” states Thomas Crihfield, Product Innovation Manager from Autotec Solutions. “By incorporating Liberty’s advanced vision system, our robots can consistently build stable, mixed-load pallets more efficiently than traditional methods. This not only optimizes space but significantly reduces labor costs.”

Utilizing an overhead and/or on-robot vision system, the Autotec RCP adapts in real-time to inventory changes, handling diverse products precisely with reduced operational costs. The RCP system matches or exceeds the pace of industry-standard manual palletizing while decreasing the incidence of labor-related injuries.

The Autotec RCP’s compact design requires a minimal footprint, starting at 300 square feet, and offers optional configurations such as integrated stretch wrapping, robot on rails, and mobile robot interfaces. These features demonstrate Autotec’s commitment to offering dynamic and adaptable solutions for fast-paced and high-volume environments.

To explore the myriad capabilities of the Random Case Palletizer and how it can transform your business operations, Autotec Solutions encourages you to visit their website for more information and contact them for a live demonstration at Autotec’s Innovation Center.

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