At Autotec, we specialize in depalletizing system solutions that involve efficiently removing items from pallets or skids and placing them onto conveyors, autonomous mobile robots, or transportation systems. Our automated robotic depalletizers are designed to streamline the depalletizing process for manufacturers, warehousers, and distributors, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved safety. We can help with both single SKU and mixed SKU depalletizing in your logistics center, distribution hub, or manufacturing operation.

Our experience is diverse, ranging from handling boxes and bags to bottles and cans. We customize our integration systems to meet the specific needs and requirements of each facility. We understand that depalletizing is a crucial step in the supply chain, and our solutions must be effective and reliable. We take pride in working closely with our customers to develop the best solutions that provide the best lifetime ROI, whether it involves a customer end-of-arm tool, advanced data tracking, custom RFID labeling, or an integrated vision system.

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