Autotec Solutions Presents: AMR Interface Conveyor

AMR, Warehouse Automation

In an ongoing mission to innovate warehouse operations, Autotec Solutions introduces the EPJ Interface Conveyor. This new system is designed to seamlessly integrate with conveyor-top mobile robots and automatic wrap lines, enabling the smooth transition of palletized goods. What sets the EPJ Interface Conveyor apart is its “drop off a skid” feature. This principle ensures warehouse teams can shift their …

Autotec Solutions Presents: Mobile Robot Pallet Transfer Systems

AMR, Warehouse Automation

Mobile Robot Pallet Transfer System

  Autotec Solutions proudly introduces its cutting-edge Mobile Robot Pallet Transfer Systems to revolutionize pallet handling. These innovative systems feature a conveyor-top fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and interface equipment designed to ensure smooth transportation and movement of cases and pallets. As a leading expert in engineering and integrating unique automation systems for loading, unloading, and conveyance processes, Autotec …

Autonomous Mobile Robots – Jeffrey Butler Discussion

AMR, Warehouse Automation

At Autotec Solutions, we take pride in offering creative solutions to address the unique challenges faced by our clients. Rather than only manufacturing predetermined systems, we collaborate closely with our customers to explore myriad possibilities and tailor our products to their specific needs. This level of customization requires our engineers to use their diverse skill sets and creativity to deliver …