Autotec Solutions Presents New Automated Warehouse Systems


Autotec Solutions Presents New Automated Warehouse Systems with AMRs

Jeff Butler, the Account Executive at Autotec Solutions, recently shared insights into the company’s latest innovation in warehouse automation technology. This development features the use of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) to improve efficiency, scalability, and safety across customer facilities.


The solution involves a custom-designed conveyor system, working alongside AMRs, to enable side-oriented pallet handling. These AMRs autonomously pick up the pallets from production lines and transport them to scissor lifts, resulting in smoother integration with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). By smartly designing the warehouse for automation, Autotec Solutions aims to reduce labor dependency and enhance overall reliability.


This project serves as the first phase of a three-stage plan with the primary objective of efficiently handling pallets from production lines, ultimately leading to a fully automated warehouse environment. The system’s design process has considered several critical factors such as facility space, robot travel distance, and safety protocols.


Safety is a top priority, and Autotec Solutions ensures it with the integrated safety systems within the AMRs and the additional measures implemented by the company. A comprehensive fleet manager monitors the robots, displaying their status, location, and battery charge levels in real-time, allowing operators to pause and resume the robots’ operation as needed.


LIDAR and 3D imaging technology are incorporated into the AMRs for precise navigation within their environment. When transferring loads between the robots and the conveyor systems, a digital “handshake” ensures proper positioning and smooth transfer of the loads.


As this project progresses and expands, Autotec Solutions continues to emphasize warehouse automation and efficiency, providing their customers with reliable solutions to stay competitive in the market.