Solutions Through Automation Series – Robotic Mixed Case Erector

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Solutions Through Automation-
Robotic Mixed Case Erector

Could you elevate your packaging line with our robotic mixed case erector? Our latest video showcases the system’s efficiency, featuring an Autotec End of Arm Tool mounted on a Fanuc M-20iD/25 robot for multi-box size handling. Equipped with a precision Nordson glue unit and our Autotec base sealer, it ensures every case is sealed cleanly and securely.

Designed with adaptability at its core, this case erector caters to an extensive range of case sizes, offering seamless adjustments to meet the dynamic needs of your packaging line. Customization extends further to the sealing options, where your preferences for tape or glue sealing can be integrated, giving you complete control over your packaging closure methods.

Featuring a modular design for consistently handling various case sizes and types, our system elevates efficiency and reliability in your package processing.