The History of Autotec Solutions

Autotec was founded in 1972 by John Schuster, a mechanical engineer with a passion for innovation. Schuster's creative spirit was evident in the notebooks he carried everywhere, filled with ideas for new products and processes. With his eye on the rigid plastics industry, Schuster quickly found success with in-mold labeling, which allowed for label application during the molding process.

In 1992, Autotec transformed under the leadership of Tom Ballay. Ballay, a project engineer with a "lunch pail mentality," brought a clear set of core values to the company, emphasizing customer partnerships and meeting their needs. This approach led to the development of chipless trimming technology, which allowed for the precise cutting of plastic products without using traditional cutting tools. Autotec also expanded into new industries, including nonwovens and medical, and increased its use of robotics automation.

Over the past 50 years, Autotec has achieved numerous milestones and notable projects. In addition to its early success with in-mold labeling and the development of chipless trimming technology, Autotec has also been a leader in using robotics automation in plastics manufacturing. In addition, the company's commitment to customer partnerships has resulted in long-term relationships with major players in the North American manufacturing and consumer goods industries.

While Autotec's innovative approach to material handling, packaging, and robotics has undoubtedly contributed to its success, our strong culture, values, and mission have played an equally important role. Autotec's commitment to its core values and mission statement have driven its growth and achievements.